School Counseling

The purpose of the Grainger County Department of Education's elementary guidance program is to help students to become successful, productive, and self-sufficient citizens. To be productive citizens our students need
• to accept responsibility
• to respect humanity
• to care for their community
• to learn to adapt to change
• to seek peaceful solutions to conflicts
• to understand that it is their duty to contribute to society

The elementary school guidance counselor helps children
• learn to make responsible decisions and become independent problem solvers
• build a positive attitude toward self and others
• recognize and accept their abilities and limitations
• understand and deal with their feelings
• learn to get along with other people
• cope with situations that are difficult to change
• become aware of the world of work

The elementary school guidance counselor works with parents by
• encouraging a positive home/school relationship
• encouraging better communication with school personnel
• being available through phone contacts, conferences, and parent organizations
The elementary school guidance counselor works with teachers by
• receiving classroom concerns and referrals
• working with the community programs and specialists in the school to meet the needs of children

How does a student get to see the school counselor?
• Self referral
• Teacher referral
• Parent referrral
• Administrative referral

Reasons students may want to see the guidance counselor
• support and understanding
• enhancing self-concept
• improving peer relationships
• learning problem solving skills
• modifying behavior
• learning about careers
• feeling good about school