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Awards Day for Joppa Elementary will be held on two days this year. May 23rd will honor students in grades K-2, while May 24th will honor students in grades 4-6.

Everyone is invited to attend.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Awards Day 2023

About our school


Joppa Elementary School serves the children of the Joppa Community, encompassing both the Rutledge and Blaine area, in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth grades.  Currently, we have approximately 500 children enrolled at our school.

Our school offers a variety of learning opportunities for its students, faculty, and staff members.  The administration, highly qualified teachers, staff, and parents work together to provide a positive, nurturing, student-centered learning environment.  High standards for student achievements are accomplished by a balanced curriculum with a strong academic focus. Basic skills in language arts and math are emphasized as essential tools in decision making, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. Evaluation of student growth is continually shared with both the students and parents through our school assemblies, parent conferences, newsletters, and team meetings.

 Our school works diligently to meet the individual needs of our students.  We use diverse forms of instruction, researched-based programs and strategies, and we integrate various technology-based activities into our daily instruction.

In addition to our well-rounded core curriculum, we offer many additional programs to benefit our students such as the morning Fast Math Computer Lab Program, D.A.R.E., 4-H, Accelerated Reader, DIBELS, Honors Club, J-STARS (Joppa Students Taking Action Responsibility at School) FAB (Fabulous Activities for the Brain) Fridays, and SWPB (School-Wide Positive Behavior Reward Program).


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