Joppa Elementary School Media Center Mission Statement

The primary focus of the Joppa Elementary School Media Center is to implement, enrich, and support the educational objectives of the school it serves. The center will provide a wide range of materials on various levels of difficulty, diverse viewpoints, and a wide array of cultural entities. The school library media center will also provide additional materials to attract students to reading, viewing, and listening as sources of pleasure and recreation over and above needed subject content.


To search through our school library collection, please visit the website below:
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¦ To provide materials which support and enhance the school curriculum, while taking into consideration the various interests and abilities of the students served.

¦ To organize the collection so patrons can find information quickly and use the facility efficiently.

¦ To provide materials representative of religious, ethnic, and cultural groups as well as their contribution to American heritage.

¦ To provide materials that will stimulate growth in factual knowledge, literacy appreciation, aesthetic values, and ethical standards.

¦ To promote reading as a lifelong skill.

¦ To provide leadership and assistance in the use of instructional technology.

¦ To work closely with school faculty to enhance and support the curriculum.