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School Reach Program

Grainger County Schools recently adopted SchoolReach, a telephone broadcasting service, to help keep our parents better informed about school happenings.  The program allows us to contact hundreds of households within a short amount of time.  This system will be utilized to notify parents of emergency situations (early dismissal, cancellations, or late starts) as well as regular announcements such as school picture days, parent-teacher conferences, and other upcoming events.

Grainger County Schools will continue to report school closings due to snow or weather on local radio and television stations and will use this system as an overlay to the public announcements.

-When used, SchoolReach will simultaneously call all phone numbers on the Joppa Elementary School contact list and deliver a recorded message.  The service delivers the message to both live answer and answering machines.  If there is no answer or a busy signal the service will  retry the call twice at 15 minute intervals.

-All information and contact numbers are strictly secure and confidential and are used only for the purposes described above.

-Please note that when this service is utilized your caller ID will read: 865-828-5721 (Joppa Elementary School). 

-Maximum number of rings before hang-up is 5.

-If answering the phone, say "hello" and hold for the message to begin.

-In the event of a cancellation made the night before or in the early morning, calls will be made to home phone numbers only.  In the event of a cancellation made mid-day, calls will be made to both home and cellular numbers. 

-The message may be repeated by pressing one after the message is complete.

*If you have any questions please feel free to contact: Joppa Elementary School at

(865) 828-5721