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School Wide Positive Behavior for 5th - 6th Grades

It is our mission at Joppa Elementary School to create academically proficient, responsible learners in a safe, supportive environment as they complete their academic program.  To assist with putting this mission into action, we have adopted the following school-wide positive behavior support plan to clarify expectations and guidelines for student behavior. Our school-wide expectations are:

Be Ready!     Be Respectful!     Be Responsible!

Our school has developed and will provide each student with a copy of a matrix (see below) which provides behavior expectations and procedures for different areas within the school.  Examples and non-examples of appropriate school and classroom behavior will be modeled and clarified for students through school-wide and classroom specific instruction throughout the school year.  In addition to the school-wide rules, each teacher will have his/her own classroom rules posted in his/her room. 

The following check system and attendance requirements will be used to determine eligibility for reward activities for grades fifth and sixth.  Students will have the opportunity to earn reward activities every three weeks.

Check System


  • 1st Check- Warning
  • 2nd Check- Warning
  • 3rd Check- Office Referral

 Criteria for student eligibility to participate in reward activities-

3 Checks- Student will not be allowed to participate in the 3-week reward activity. (This 30 minute activity is by grade level.)

6 Checks- Student will not be allowed to participate in the 6-week reward activity. (This 45 minute activity will take place during flex.)

9 Checks- Student will not be allowed to participate in the 9-week reward activity. (Examples include: inflatables, sponge throw, etc.)

An office referral will result in the loss of all reward activities for the remainder of the nine weeks.

Attendance Requirements

Attendance is very important to academic success.  To reward students for good attendance the following will result in loss of reward activities. (Tardy means: student arrives after 8:15am or leaves before 2:45pm.  Note: teachers in grade five ask that students not be picked up until car rider time: 2:55pm).

3 Unexcused Absences and/or Tardies- Student will not be allowed to participate in the 3-week reward activity.

6 Unexcused Absences and/or Tardies- Student will not be allowed to participate in the 6-week reward activity.

9 Unexcused Absences and/or Tardies- Student will not be allowed to participate in the 9-week reward activity.

Our goal at Joppa School is to guide and encourage students to become responsible and respectful individuals, ready to make conscientious decisions that affect their future.  We work each day to show students the positive outcomes they can achieve by making good decisions.  By working together with students and their families, we can make a difference.


The faculty and staff of Joppa Elementary School would like to thank the parents and family of our students, without your support the success of this program would not be possible.


  Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Ready

Arrival / Dismissal


-Use inside voices.           -Keep hands, feet, objects to self.                            -Obey staff.                     -Remove hats/head coverings upon entering building.

-Report to assigned area upon arrival.                    -Walk quietly in the building and loading area.  -Be on time.                    -Walk directly to / from bus or car.

-Be in assigned area.      -Have signed note if riding another bus.         -Have belongings ready to enter or exit the building.

Cafeteria / Commons Area


-Leave area clean.           -Be considerate of others.  -Remain seated.              -Obey staff.                     -Use property as it was intended.

-Keep area clean.              -Use inside voices.            -Keep objects to self.        -Keep food on tray.          -Walk in the building.

-Enter and leave quietly.  -Keep hands, feet, and belongings, to self.          -Get all items as you go through the line.




-Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.                  -Use inside voices.       -Put trash in container.      -Respect the property of others.

-Walk directly to destination.                     -Walk on he right side of the hall.                           -Use appropriate language.                        -Obtain hall pass from staff.

-Have hall pass visible when appropriate.



-Treat other as you want to be treated.                   -Obey staff.                     -Use appropriate  language.                         -Use property as intended.   -Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.

-Listen carefully.               -Use time wisely.              -Ask for help when needed.                          -Follow directions immediately.                   -Organize belongings and materials.                        -Keep area clean.

-Bring all needed materials to class.          -Have assignments completed.                    -Be on time.                   -Be in seat.                   -Take care of personal needs before class.




-Respect privacy of others.   -Put trash in containers.   -Flush

-Use supplies appropriately.                   -Use facilities as intended.   -Use restroom at designated time.              -Use inside voice.             -Report problems to staff.  -Keep area clean.

-Go directly to and from restroom.                      -Use restroom at break time or before class.        -Obtain permission from staff during class time.




-Use appropriate language.                        -Obey staff.                     -Share equipment.           -Put trash in containers.

-Use equipment correctly.  -Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.                  -Report injuries to staff immediately.                   -Stay in assigned areas.

-Exit and enter building quietly.
Assemblies / Special Events


-Stay within personal space.                             -Keep hands, feet and objects to self.                 -Sit quietly and listen.

-Walk in quietly.               -Sit facing forward.           -Exit with class upon signal.

-Follow directions.          -Ask appropriate questions.

Bus Expectations


-Obey driver.                    -Use appropriate language.                         -Use inside voice.        -Remain seated facing forward.                           -Notify driver of any problems.                          -Keep area clean.           -Use appropriate language.                         -Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.                  -Know and obey bus rules.

-Be on time for the bus.                                       -Walk when entering or exiting the bus.