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Jumpstart Kindergarten
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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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If you have a child that will turn 5 before August 15th...

    If you have a child that will turn 5 before August 15th, please contact our school and join us for Jumpstart Kindergarten.  JumpStart Kindergarten provides students with an opportunity to meet the JES Kindergarten teachers, learn about the many opportunities and options offered at Joppa Elementary, and begin working on important educational foundational skills. For more information or to register please call (865) 828-5721.  


Goals for your Jumpstart Program include:

1. Students will learn strategies for phonemic awareness.

2. Students will develop a greater understanding of the alphabetic principal.

3. Students will be immersed in a print rich environment to develop an awareness of print and written language.

4. Parents will receive literacy training, learn kindergarten content standards, and become active participants in their child's education to develop home / school connections.

5. Students will become an active member of the kindergarten class community.

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